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    Unhappy Disbelief

    Hope all you guys in the US are OK

    Heard the news whilst I was surfing thought it was some sick joke but alas I wish it was.

    I can,t help feel that if they can do this to the most powerful country in the world what else are they capable of doing?

    Maybe I,m talking out of term here and if so I apolgise but all the leaders are stating they will stamp out terrorism I only have one question HOW?

    In the UK we have had many years of bombings and what with the IRA and all that shit but it still happens it will never end although there are always talks the killing still goes on and what for religion,politics many lifes have been taken over the years through those two?

    Killing innocent people to prove a point.. what a waste of time life and money and New York suffered the biggest terrorist act the world has far.

    I have read the papers and most are saying bomb the countries involved declare war and sure if someone hurt my family I would rip their fucking hearts out but if you declare war more life gets lost

    Just seems as if we have reached a cycle within the world where war,terrorism and killing just simply rotates in one big vicious circle.

    Hope all you guys are safe and if anyone has familys there in NY they are safe as well

    The US is in the hearts and minds of everyone in the UK


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    We never declared war on a specific country, but we are bombing and killing everone and everything linked to terrorism that doesnt surrender. (war on terrorism) It sucks but we cant put up with this, yes terrorism will always be there, were simply putting the smack down and letting these stupid bastards know that it wont be put up with. fucking cowards!

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