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    Please read

    I posted on the steriod board but Im going to post here as well. I havent posted sine the tragety because since tuesday my milatary unit was activated. I just want everyone to know that we as the milatary appreciate all the support everyone has shown and I will not let the actions taken against the United States go unpunished. I be away from the board for a while but I will try to come back to the board once in a while to say hi. I just want everyone to know that we as the milatary will not let this go unpunished If i have to personally go and take care of it myself then I will and I will do it all for you and your families
    God Bless you all and I will be back soon
    Thanks again for your support

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    Our hearts and prayers are with you

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    I'm so proud of the way the Country is showing such patriotic ferver!
    You and all members of the Military are on my mind and in my prayers!
    We all respect the Military and the support you will have will be enormous!!!!!

    The "sleeping giant" is awake again!!

    Keep us posted!

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