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    deca & sus at age 39

    hi guys, im on my first cycle at age 39. thought i would start out doing 200mg of deca and sus250 for 10 weeks. and of course the clomid 3 weeks after last shot. but anyways what can i expect in 5'10 200 pounds about 12% body fat.

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    Can't help you. I'm on Sus/deca /dbol now (600/400/35mg) at age 34 and I don't know what I can expect. I'm hoping for 20 pounds. I can tell you that a buddy of mine, age 28, just got off a cycle of Sustanon 250 only and was happy with his results. He only took 250mg a week and I think he gained around 12-15 pounds. I would think by adding the deca you'll probably have better results although more water retention. IMO, I think it sounds like a good first cycle.

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    I did 200mgs of T and 200 mgs of deca for my first cycle for 12 weeks and went from 232 to 255. Ended with a solid 12 after the water left. Less is more on your first cycle I think. Eat a ton and you will grow. Don't woory about the water retention it will pass. Just finished my show 3 weeks ago at 202. Amazing what your body will do

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    Hard to tell what a person will gain on any cycle, everybody reacts differently and on top of it there are so many other variables that affect your gains.

    I can say that 250mg of Test + 200mg of Deca a week will give you some good solid gains and you will be happy!

    One thing I would recommend though: Change the Sustanon Test. Enathate or Test. Cypionate . Sustanon is a mix of four testosterone esters and three of them are relatively quick-acting, so at one shot of Sustanon a week you will have widely varying testosterone levels . A single slow-release testosterone ester like Enathate or Cypionate is a better choice in my opinio; you will have much more stable blood levels than with Sustanon.

    But if you have bought the Sustanon already, don't sweat it to much, it will still work well!

    As always, don't forget your anti-estrogens and Clomid post-cycle!

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