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Thread: second cycle

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    second cycle

    got it last week and just got my body fat tested. I drooped from 24.6% to 19.7% in three months I am still at about 234, 6'1" weight seems to be steady until the d-bol and test e kick in.
    32 amps 250mg Test E
    48 amps 50 mg Zambon winny
    300 5 mg d-bol naposim
    300 5 mg anavar
    clomid and Nolvadex on hand
    Of course supplements Weight gain (ON), glutamine, multi-vitamin, a thermogenic for pre-workout motivation and follow the same diet as before.
    I plan on shots 250 mg Test E on Tuesday and Friday
    Winny 50 mg eod weeks 13,14,15, 16 and so on
    40 mg d-bol 4 weeks
    I haven't figured in the anavar yet probably towards the end to sure up the gains.
    Any suggestions/criticisms are welcome.
    Goals to add more muscle mass and maybe one more cycle like this then over the winter do a cutting cycle.

    peace and happy lifting:
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    How long is your cycle? 16 weeks?

    If you want some more comments from people, spell out the cycle in a little more detail, it will make it easier for people to critique it.

    If you are interested in muscle mass, why not add some Deca or EQ and drop the Winny? Winny is great, but at 19.7% bodyfat, the definition you will get from the Winny will still be burried under a lot of BF and won't be easy to see.

    And why suck a long cycle? 16 weeks is a lot, you will see diminishing returs in the latter weeks of the cycle. IMO you are better off saving the gear / $'s for another cycle later on.

    If you are gonna bulk, what about something like this:

    Dbol : 40mg ED weeks 1-4
    Test. Enathate 500mg /week weeks 1-11
    Deca or EQ 300-400mg/week weeks 1-10
    Anavar 40mg ED weeks 10-13

    Clomid 48 hours after you stop the Anavar. Use the Anti-e of your choice, I prefer Proviron 50mg ED from day 1 throught hte end of Clomid...

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    Ajax is correct. Once you go over 10-12 weeks on AS you are no longer getting the gains. your body is now in homeostasis.and that is a lot of stress on the body for little gains


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