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Thread: insomnia....

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    Unhappy insomnia....

    gents....5th week of deca /sust here...more than happy with results, but i lost my sleep and i look like shit...very energetic though..did some of you have the same problem..??? and how to contol it, please...i need some ......

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    I'm with you. I just finished my fourth week of Dbol /sus/deca and I've been waking up in the middle of the night, wide awake, for the past couple of weeks. The past three nights have been better so maybe it passes. It doesn't seem to be affecting my gains or my workouts but I get tired by dinner time and can't wait to go to bed. If it comes back, I may try an over-the-counter sleep aid. Good luck.

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    Sounds familiar....
    Into the 7th week of a Test E/EQ cycle and am waking up WAY to early. Also sweating like a beast...but as you said it is not effecting the strength or the gains just making me a bit edgy...

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