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    Question what to get out of AAS

    ok guys this might not be the right question to ask sence everyone is interested in body building and muscle well so am i but i would like to know more about AAS I did alot of reseach to no avail Iam 36 will be using EQ, Winny not sure on primo ,test,I want the least of side effects well my question is what is best for bones ,skin, fatigue and energy I have been feeling so damn old and I not only want to look good but feel good as well. Will any of these ASS help me with that ... thanks for your help guys

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    what neo said...........and maybe unfortunately for you, TEST.
    depending on dosage it carries some risk of side effects that you are wanting to avoid. they can be controlled nicely though. i hate to sound like a broken record, but test should be the base of every cycle, and for good reason. it will basically enhance the abilities of any other aas thats run with it.

    peace bb79

    peace bb79

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    AS are not magic pills!! You've got to find out why you feel the way you do. See a doc and get some blood work (you'll need it anyways) and see if theres any medical reason you feel run down. If everything checks out ok just do a search under "cycles" and you'll find tons of em from decent starters to totally insane!!

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