I have BPH and of couse am concerned about making it worse with the use of steroids (i'm a virgin, never used). I take beta sisterol which helps and know saw pilmento that also is supposed to help.

I would like to do a cycle or two, but do not want to take big risks, particularly if they are going to cause irreversible consequences to my BPH. My PCP is not approachable on this subject.

Are certain steroids, or cycle combo's less damaging to BPH than others? What are all the support substances one can take to minimize the exaserbation of BPH growth?

I'd be interested in hearing from any and all with their experiences as well as any documented studies.

OTC test boosters and peptides are also an option, as well as other things I have not yet thought of.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Thanks in advance!