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    Question Been training 15 yrs./1st Cycle questions

    I'm 30 yrs. 5'11 180lbs. @10% BF. I've been training for 15 yrs.. I've been serious about it for about 6 yrs. now. I train 3 on 1 off w/30-45 mins. of cardio every other morning (or whenever I can get it in). I'm a semi-retired Pro-Motocross racer. I still try and do 1 or 2 nationals a year. Anyway, for the past 10 years' or so I've trained specificly for MX racing. Trying to keep my weight under 175 lbs. and focusing on endurance. Well I've finally deciding to add some weight and muscle. I've been intrested and have researched AS for many-a years'. My only real info. comes from books and the online forums. I personally know of one friend that uses AS and I don't take his info. to seriously being that he dosen't look in too good of shape to me. So on to my questions.
    I have 150 Russian DBOL tabs, 2X10ml bottles of Test. Enanthate (Ttokkyo) and 30X20mg. Nolvadex tabs. I'm also going to supp. some EAS Phosphagen XT creatine, Milk Thisle, a multi-vitamin and some Hydroxy Cut for after. I haven't been able to get my Clomid. I can't find any! So I'm hesitant to start my cycle without it hoping I can find some. Anyhow, I'd like to know what you'd suggest would be the best way to run my test/debol/nolvadex and hopefully soon clomid and in your opinions is this a good first cycle for me?

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    You con get clomid @ I have used them and they are reliable. Good luck!

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