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    Had my blood work done last week

    I have been on HRT for almost 3 years. I FINALLY went to a Endo a little over a year ago instead of a longevity doctor...

    My Free test levels Feb 2010 was 493. 280 - 800 Not bad...
    My Prolactin was 5.06 also good 4.0 - 15.2

    I sort of bumped up my dose in between that test and this one. I ended only about 4 weeks prior to my test and wanted to make sure my levels where down. Besides running a little less than normal I did not take any for 12 days before the test and had a few drinks the night before.
    September 3rd 2010 Free test 187.5 280 - 800. Oops I guess it worked..... LOL

    Luckily he didnt flag it or call me to come in so I will just continue for 6 months and when I go in to see him if he asks I will tell him I think I missed the week before and it was the day before my normal shot day...

    Everything else looks good except my Lymphs where a little low, .89 1.00 - 4.50 but that can be explained for many things such as cycle, I also had Hep B LONG time ago and/or other things but it's not low enough to worry about. I will check again in 6 months and we will see then.

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    Good stuff i got my first testosterone test about 2 weeks ago, i will see my sport doctor on October 1, i just changed doctor because the other one was a real loser, this one really encouraged me, and will get even my diet in check, he said that if you eat right and train right age is nothing but a number, he is currently following 50-60 year old athlete reach there goals in various sports. AMAZING, and yeah if i need the testosterone shot i will give it to me heheheh

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