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    Safest Cycle for Over 30??

    What do you guys think is the safest cycle for over 30??

    I have been doing Test Cyp/Deca with excellent results... Any advise...

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    I'm not sure age holds much to which gear is safer - I think it's more aimed at what sides you're more likely to get...if you're already balding, have slight gyno, etc.

    Personally I'm over 30 and had no probs with Sust/Deca /Winny... plan on running Eq/Enth for the next one with little fear of any sides being because of my age.

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    bro almost all gear will give you unwanted side effects, eq and winny fuck with your hair, deca shuts you down and bloats you really bad...winny dries your joints, so there cons and pros for every steroid ...

    if your hair is in good shape i would go with this if you want you can add winny at the end and prop at the beggining....Madmax...

    eq 400mg (1-10)
    test cyp 500mg (1-10)

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