New member here. I am 42 and looking for some answers. I have a doctors appointment in Feb where I will ask for a physical and blood work. In past years, everything has been great, including my testosterone level, had it checked before in my thirties looking to basically do what I want to do now.My wife can attest to me still having a high test levels. I don't thing I will be put on any type of hormone replacement therapy because of testosterone level. My wife takes Estrodol pills as she had her ovaries removed. Could I take these a week prior to my physical to have a low test result? Then would it even be worth the hassle, they would probably administer some test patch or jell? A friend here at work was administered that stuff and he has gained 30+ pounds, looks bloated, he's not into physical activities much less weight lifting. Should I just go to a source and get some test and dbol and follow these beginner guides? Not looking to get massive but get some more muscle mass and feel better. Thanks!