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    Just looking for some thoughts from experienced membbers

    Well first off I should give you a bit of background. I will be brief.
    In my Twenties I almost killed myself from alcoholism. in 1988 I decided I had enough and with getting my health back I added on weightlifting. The results were rapid and awesome. I pretty much maintained at a level I was happy with. This went on for about 20 years.
    About 5.5 years ago I thought that drinking again would be a good idea......WRONG !! So I rode the addiction rollercoaster, losing most everything including any desire to workout.
    Last December I again "had enough" and went to rehab. I was in bad shape, no serious health issues though.
    In March of 2016 I started seriously hitting the weights again.
    Going in I was 192 lbs with about 24 percent body fat.
    I made great gains especially in strength but decided I needed a boost so I tried an andro cycle with M1D /4 / 1 and now PCT.
    Some things gained by this cycle were impressive especially strength and endurance. I don't exactly know how much muscle was gained but I am now down to 183 with about 9 percent bodyfat.
    Anyway after the PCT is over and I take a break I am considering a steroid cycle but am very unsure which mix to use.
    Any advice would be most appreciated. BTW I am 56 years old and excellent overall health
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    Welcome 95! Take a look in the AAS Q & A Forum and read the "Successful First Cycle" sticky thread at the top of the forum. It would be a great way to go for a first cycle.
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    Will do thanks !

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    Welcome, and stay away from the booze from now on will ya

    Like above, checkout the Q&a section on first cycles. Keep it simple, don't over think it. Really pay special attention to your diet. That will be the key to gains, and keeping them after.
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