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    Help with a bad injetion

    I am on the 10th week of my first cycle and all is going better that I could have hoped. That is till last week. My wife does my injetions and the last on did not go well. The first attempt was my 2ml of test that exploded the seringe. The next attempt went well but my ass looks as swollen as a baboons but in mating season and it is very tender. Should I be worried about this or will it go down on it's own?

    I am 40 years old about 235lbs.
    week 1-6 50mg d-bol/d 400 mg deca
    7-10 400 deca/w 250 test/w
    10-16 250 test/w 100mg winstral/eod
    anti E on hand

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    did you make the same attempt on the same butt cheek? If so then do not worry. You probably hit a vein and your wife did not aspirate .


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    no probs dude i know it feels f**ked but it passes just remember 2 change ur sites regular

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    I always use the hip (basically the 4 inches of muscle around your waist below the belt line). Make sure you push the needle in and then pull the plunger back a little to ensure there is no blood - otherwise you've hit a vein and have to start again. If you have a high alcohol content in the test, it might cause irritation. You can also use delts (basically where the school nurse gave you immunizations) -- plenty of muscle and relatively few veins and nerves.

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    if your glutes get too sore, go for the quads... easy to do by yourself and not tooo painful, it really helps to rotate sites though

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    Although this isn't the question at hand I would like to diverge for a minute. Everyone on this board seems to know the proper area of the butt to inject into, however, it seems the true reasons are misconstrued. There are 2 reasons why this area is so desirable.

    1) It avoids the superior gluteal artery...
    2) It avoids the sciatic nerve, which runs right below the piriformis muscle...

    Short of an anatomy lesson, what does this mean...knowing basic anatomy of the injection area can't hurt...and might prevent some mishaps. I have seen cases where a big guy (bodybuilder) comes limping into the ER with excruciating pain radiating down his leg...almost to the point of paralysis...Just take this as a precaution.

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