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Thread: HRT and AAS use

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    HRT and AAS use

    First off I want to say hello to everyone. This is my first post here, I've been reading the board for the past few days and I'm truly impressed. Especially by this section and the people here.

    Anyway, a little info about me. I'm 38, weigh 220 lbs, and I'm at about 11-12% BF. I've been training (bodybuilding) all of my adult life. It's my passion and what keeps me sane! I've been in two amature NPC sanctioned bodybuilding contests, in 2000 and 2002. I placed 1st and 2nd respectively in both shows for my age and weight category (light heavy division). I have done a total of 3 aas cycles. Two over 15 years ago, and one that ended in March. of this year. All of these were less then 400mg total of AAS per week( I don't need alot to get results).

    So...I'm feeling good, go to the doc for my yearly check up and blood work. He calls me a week later and tells me to come in. Then I get the info. My test levels are the charts low! I'm ashamed to even lists the level here. He naturally ask if I'm using AS. I tell him "no". He is amazed and tells me that he can not understand how I'm in top shape for my age(I'm not trying to brag here) with levels this low. I told him that those levels were unacceptable to me and that I wanted to find out what the heck was going on. To make a long story short it looks like I will be going on HRT sometime soon with injectible Test(my request).

    So, my question is this. Anyone here on HRT and if so how do you run your cycles, how often, and what is your post cycle protocol.

    Also, I would be honored to help anyone here in any aspect of bodybuilding, contest prep, weight loss, etc. Thank you....Viking

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    Welcome! I'm not on HRT but I have spoken with a few people who are. If you have all the children you want and are committed to HRT for the rest of your life, then post cycle recovery is really irrelevant because you will simply maintain your testosterone levels post cycle artificially via HRT. I have also seen hcg used intermittently during HRT. I know SWALE over at CEM does this with his patients and they have responded very favorably.

    I hope everything works well for you.

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    try to get a hold of johnnyb he's a vet here and I am almost certain he is on HRT and has some great knowledge he could share with you.

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    I have been wondering the same as I am on 5g of androgel a day. Should I follow up with PCT as indicated after my 500mg/wk 12 wk cycle?

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    Talking to the chucky avatar

    I'm on HRT and have been on it for 2 years I had a testicle removed for cancer and my urologist was giving me test inject.once every 4-6 weeks(the idiot) that didn't work so then I tried the androgel 5 the 7.5 thats very weak and a pain to use. so now I went back to my dr and had him prescribe injections of test enanthate 200mg every 10days. OH MY GOD >>>>>>>>>>what a freaking difference that made. I feel like a man again. every night I wake up with a rock solid woodie and mornings too. well anyway my point is get off the gel it's crap. If you do a cycle and you are using the gel as a base I would be worried that once off it won't be enough to keep the levels up to stop catabolism and all you worked for will dissapear.

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    Welcome to AR Bro

    I'm on HRT. first you need to let him get you dialed in on the test levels. This could take a year. He should run blood test every 3 months for the first year, then 2 for the second and once a year after that. He's going to check your prostrate at each check up, they monitor this to see if it's causing cancer. If you have dormant cells HRT could activate them. This can happen because your IGF-1 will riase with thet test injections.

    Once your test levels are in order you can run a cycle of test at 400-500mg a week for 10-12 weeks. You don't want to do a cycle while getting your test levels chcked, espesally since He thinks your using already. If he gets a lab test back with high test levels then what He's perscribing, it'll be in your records that He suspects steroid use .

    Let us know how it goes Bro


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