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    Question Different PCTs???

    Which way does everybody run there clomid in there pct i always thought it was like this

    day 1 300mg
    10 days at 100 mg
    10 days at 50 mg

    and then just as nolva and whatever else if you wanted. But now i see that alot of people are runnin clomid different ways like 100 mg for 30 days???? Anybody experience different ways and what is the best???

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    I do not frontload as I experienced sides with clomid. Also I am starting to run several compounds, higher dose, as well as a bit longer; because of this I would run 100mg clomid for 3-4 weeks and lower to 50 for about 5-7 days. I may or may not run nolva and/or arimidex depending on what I have.

    No one thing is the best and everyone is different. These are principles and guidelines that all pct's judged against. I know there are others who do not use clomid.

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    I would say if you have run the standard 300/100/50 clomid pct and all went well i would stick with it. No use trying something else that might not work as well for you after you just spent the last 15 weeks working your a ss off

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