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Thread: PCT Redundancy?

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    PCT Redundancy?

    I hate to run this in the ground, but I need some clarification. I read one post that says one thing and someone else says another. Please clear the confusion for me if you can. Is nolvadex alone sufficient for PCT after a somewhat light cycle of say, 10 weeks 500mg Sustanon per week? Would it be advisable to run clomid...nolva....and liquidex? Maybe throw in some clen as well? From what Ive been learning...I can see heavy PCT after 12 weeks of 600 mg Test e and 400 mg of Deca . Some posts have said clomid and tamox are basically the same thing....and that liquidex could replace them both. What's the minimum a guy could get by on? Just how much is enough? Thanks to all.........

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    From what I've read better to be safe then sorry...

    I would do the Clomid and the Tamox after a Sust cycle... thats what I plan on doing at least! Also gonna throw in some Trib as well.

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