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Thread: Liquid Clomid?

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    Liquid Clomid?

    Hey Guys whats up? I've been taking 1 cc of Fina EOD stacking it with Test 250 1 cc Twice a week. I ran out of test early and am still on fina for two weeks. I understand I need to start cliomid 3 days after last injection, but I have a 50cc bottle of clomid and dont know what dosage I should take and when. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again for all your support and help all the time.

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    Im pretty sure its 2 weeks after the last test injection if it was test E. and its something like 200mg first week 100 the second and 50 the third week. and your on clomid for 21 days. IM a rookie though so dont take my word for it.

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    300, 100, 50

    looks like those doses can be changed up read this too
    on the dosages

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