Test Enan @ 500mg/week for weeks 1-13 x 2 injections on Mon & Thurs
EQ @ 400mg week 1-12 x 2 injections on Mon & Thurs (mixed in with Test Enan)
Test Prop @ 150mg/EOD weeks 1-4 and weeks 14-15
(reduces injections = reduces "pain in the ass")

Nolva @ 40mg ED for weeks 16-17
Nolva @ 20mg ED for weeks 18-19

Clomid @ 200mg 1st day | @ 100mg Next 5 days | @ 50mg for remaining 8 days

So that's the entire cycle, complete with PCT. I read the post in the PCT section about PCT and "Effectively Come Off Cycle" as well. From that, I learned the necessity of Clomid in PCT. I'm aware of possible side-effects (blurry eyes, tracers etc...) but I want my balls and normal testosterone levels back. Here are a few FINAL questions involving PCT (mainly some Clomid Issues):


*All in all, is that an effectively designed PCT setup? If there are flaws, what are they and what reasons do you have for changes?

*As far as Clomid dosing goes, I'm 75% sure the doses need to be a little bit higher, but I don't know exactly how much. I'm working with 1800mg of Clomid here, so crunch some numbers and tell me what you get.

*I've read that Clomid can sometimes be used on-cycle. When would this be necessary? And do you reccommend it?

Thanks for any advice and tips you've got. I plan on ordering by Thursday or Friday, so I hope to get a couple responses back before then. Thanks again.