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    test prop pct: expert advice

    okay ive made a couple posts on how to run my pct for an upcoming 10 week test prop only cycle,, its my second cycle, ive ran masteron and test cyp previously, 22yo, 5'7" 175, 10%bf, im gonna be shooting 100mg test prop ED for 10 weeks then runnign hcg and nolva for pct,, theres so manyy different views on when to take the hcg and alotta ppl on here run the nolva during the cycle but i dont want it to limit my gains, in my previous cycle i havent had any issues with gyno before so i dont know how i should run it all.. also with the hcg ppl like to run it during cycle to reduce the testical atrophy or the just do pre pct.. so whats teh best way for the expert mods out there?

    i was thinking 3 days after last test shot: 500ius ED of hcg for 3 weeks then 20mgs Nolva for???

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    You want to do 500ius ED or EOD weeks 7 through 10 then wait 3 days and start Nolva for 4 weeks of PCT. I would throw in some clomid at 100mgs ED for 4 weeks to be safe along side the nolva.

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    I dont think I qualify as an expert in this area, but this is what i would/do do:

    100mg test prop ED
    Every 3rd day 500iu hcg

    start pct with 40-60mg nolva 3 days after last prop shot. Continue nolva for 4 weeks, but only run hcg the first week of pct (and thru cycle).

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    hmm yeah people say all different ways... thanks for the input

    anyone else, other suggestions welcomed

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