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    TESTing HRT limits

    I have been on HRT 200mgtest/cyp for several months. I'm 235,6'1" 20% BF.58 Yr old. I'm going to do a 13 week bump cycle and return to base dose.
    I plan on:
    week1-12 400test/cyp
    week1-11 125 deca
    week12-14 200 tset/cyp and from then on
    week 14-16 100mg clomid
    week 16-18 20mg tamox

    Also 500iu HCG 2X's week last 5 weeks (sat sun ) mon test shot.
    Also 1mg l-dex 3X's week for 13 weeks, then stopping until after pct then back to .5 mg 3X's week by week 19

    Please feel free to comment.
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