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    Clomid or nolvadex alone

    After reading the profiles about both, can these be useful by themselves?
    Possibly for in between cycles or libido increase?
    If you were to do 200mgs of clomid or 100mgs of nolvadex alone would it do anything for you....

    Stupid question, I know. But after reading the profiles, it seems they are trying to make each item sound impressive.

    So , after a cycle of deca and test e. with still a lagging libido. What could a dose of either itmes do for a guy?

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    I wouldn't use more than 100mg Clomid and 40mg Nolva. Even at 100mg of clomid, I can see trails at night time and mood turns to crap. Same concept goes for the nolva, more isn't always better. It would be effective in raising your test levels but I wouldn't expect to see any significant gains in between cycles just from the clomi/nolva. If you're getting quality research chems for cheap then it's not a bad idea as just a lil somethin to throw in for the hell of it.

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