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    test/tren question PCT

    Hello first time poster long time reader

    I am going on a test/tren cycle looking something like this.

    week 1-12 Test e 500
    week 3-11 Tren a

    Now i have nolva and hcg on hand if needed. My main question is, should i use the hcg thru out the cycle or just for pct? I can get enuff for either way. Just real worried about ball suckage.

    maybe 150iu x2 a week?

    stats r 6'1"
    around 14% bf
    30 years old

    thanks for any input

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    k i guess i should of searched a tad more. lol thought i did all the searching already.

    I found a thread that said to run the hcg thru the cycle then start proper pct after cycle ends.. Is this the correct way to do it?

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    There's no set way to run HCG IMHO... some do it sporadically throughout, others do it ED for 3 wks after cycle and pre PCT, yet others do it in the final week(s) of their cycle to minimize lag time before PCT.... it's all up to how you deal with the sides of the gear and the HCG (this is the trial and error part of it)...However, Anthony Robert's PCT so far seems to be the most popular, probably because it is undoubtedly effective and well researched.

    as for Nolva.....its a no no with tren .... search around some more and you'll find posts that tell you why


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    Thanks for the reply Insane.

    Yah i have read several articles on how to use HCG and every single one was different in which way to use it. The best one i read was to use the hcg in the last 4 weeks of your cycle right before pct.

    Sounds like the one i will try.

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    You better look into PCT for Tren bro.

    Get some Bromo and use it if you plan on using Tren.

    Letro might work also, you might want to PM Lion or Merc and look into Letro for progesterone.

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