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    does this pct look good

    26, 185 lbs, 12-14% bf, 1 cycle

    I am going to be running

    weeks 1-8 eq-450 mg/ wk sust- 250mg/wk

    weeks 5-7 hcg 250iu 2x wk

    weeks 9-10 clomid 100 mg/ day

    weeks 11-12 clomid 50 mg/day

    i know it not a lot of aas but id like to keep it that way so its "not too noticeable".

    would this pct be good for the cycle i am running?

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    Well your cycle and pct are both bad. Eq dose is low and you need to run that stuff for at least 12 weeks to get anything out of it, esp. at that low dose. I hope you understand that sust needs to be injected EOD.

    Your pct times are weeks off. Eq and Sust both have very long esters. Also, you really cant run a proper pct w/o and AI, imo. Needs a lot of work, buddy. Good luck.

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