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Thread: my first pct

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    my first pct

    Just finishing up my first cycle, its just Test E at 500mgs per week @ 10 weeks.
    Anyways, heres my pct, let me know what you think.

    basically, start taking hcg 500 iu's/per day for 2 weeks and clenbuterol at 60 mgs per day for 8-10 weeks, a few days after my last injection.
    Then start taking, 2 weeks after last injection, clomid at 100 mgs per day week one and then take 50 mgs for the 2nd week.

    oh and im taking nolva and will continue to do so until i finish my cycle (which is two weeks from now)

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    I've had great success in the past doing the clomid at 100mgs for three weeks (in addition to the other stuff mentioned). Last cycle, I didn't lose a pound after even after PCT.

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    so does that mean that im totally overdoing it with all the other stuff?

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    I personally dont run HCG I dont like it. My pct generally consists of clomid, tamox and
    l-dex and this works fine for me I also have letro on hand for bloating if needed

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