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    HCG Confusion????

    HCG is not somthing I'm very familiar with and have never used it before. I understand it's used to prevent/reverse testicular atrophy...which does what??? Helps you body naturally produnce more test?? In your opinion would you use it in this cycle or PCT or both or would Nolva and clomid be sufficent??

    900mg Test E 12weeks

    85mg ed Tren A 10 weeks

    Letro .25 eod

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    Iam on my second cycle,
    Test E 500mgs/week
    D-bol 50mgs/day 4 weeks.

    Pct :
    Nolva 20mgs/day 4 weeks
    aromasin 25 mgs/day 4 weeks
    Vitamin e 1000ius/day 4 weeks.

    Some people will tell you that you need HCG with your pct. Not True, (with test e + D-bol cycle)
    I did not use it with my 1st pct, and plan on not useing it for my 2nd cycle pct .
    (HCG is up to you. But i Did not use it for my PCT and all was fine.)

    Start your pct 14 days after last shot of Test.

    But this is just my Opinion, Decide for yourself with Reaserch.

    Peace Out

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