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    canadian docs & pct

    I had gyno when i was younger my family doctor set up the surgury. He is a good doc never had a problem getting anything i need from him later in life like sleeping pills or narcotic pain killers. So after my last cycle i showed him my chest and said the gyno was comming back i didnt mention any steroid just said i didnt know what was up or why it would all of a sudden came back like 10 yrs later. I told him i researched a little on the internet about a non surgical gyno reversal method using anti es inparticular letrozole . We talked for awhile he was very interested he even mentioned a couple other things like nolva. In the end he said it would be messing with hormones and he didnt feel comfortable writing me a script for it without talking to some specialists. But i got the feeling that he was going to forget about it soon after i left. Has anyone had success with a pct script from a family doc?
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    its a potentially dangerous situation for a doc to give you the stuff, they can lose their practice if feds discover the stuff wasnt needed to be prescribed

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    Letro for treating gyno is seriously off-label so he has to cover his a*s. I doubt you'll get the script. Just get it from Ar-r or on the black market.

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