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    Comming of T-3 rebound/with draw

    Of a few years ago I bout some t-3 and was going to run it. after I started reading about how it could mess up you natural production or the hormone and potientialy make you fatter in the long run I didnt take it... that was about 5 yrs ago.... not I reading about how great the stuff works and no one is talking about that anymore.... what the new info on comming off the stuff at the end of the cycle? does it slow you down? can u end up fatter... ???

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    I moved this here for ya..

    T3 is a great addition to a cycle, and as we get older, it really helps as well, there are many orc supplements that will assist in maximizing your natural production of t3.. also another possible solution is to us t4 instead, since it needs to be converted to t3 in your body many believe that it is a better choice..
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