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    PCT after being on for 2 years!?

    an acquitance of mine has been on test at a dose of 200mgs/week for 2 years and wants to stop. he has nolva and clomid on hand but would HCG along with nolva/clomid be the best option. he is 24 years old. is there any hope for him to get back his natty test levels after being on for 2 years? any suggestions would be very helpful b/c i would really like to help this guy

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    it might be possiable at his age..but i dont really see it happening. what he needs to do is run a-robs pct. which is aggresive. after he is done then go get blood work done. if it comes back looking like shiat then he might just have to be put on hrt. why the hell would he run an hrt dose of test for 2 years at 22 years old???

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