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    I'm 21 and I ran mdrol for 4 weeks with the following dosage:

    Week 1: 10mg ED
    Week 2: 10mg ED
    Week 3: 20mg ED
    Week 4: 20mg ED

    I had no sides while on cycle except a little acne.

    Week 5-9: Nolva, rebound xt, novedex xt

    I had (or at least thought i had) done a lot of research prior to doing the cycle and was confident that what i said above would be enough for pct but i guess i may have been wrong.

    My problem is that i've finished the pct and i cant get it up easily. i used to just be able to think about sex and i would be rock hard. Now i've got to rub it for like 30secs before i get hard and not even a girl grinding on me does it but that used to send me through the roof before.

    This has basically turned me off doing any roids in future because nothing is worth losing my sex drive.

    Does anyone have any advice? Maybe its too early for my sex drive to have kicked back in or maybe i had a shitty pct.

    Are there any chems i should order? I'm getting bloods done on wednesday so hopefully this will tell me something.

    Also just to clarify I can get it up, its just a lot harder than before and I have no problems while i'm actually doing the act. Its only the initial getting an erection thats a problem.

    Thanks in advance.
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    lol, thanks for the clarification. Relax man, there are lots or reasons your dick is shot. Nolva is known to cause temporary impotence, so if thats why, then you'll have to wait for all of it drain from your system. It could be low estrogen from all the blockers you're on, bc estrogen is also important for healthy libido in men. It could be stress. And sure, it could be from low test. Don't freak, because whatever is wrong your body has a 99% chance of correcting it once you've been off the drugs for a while, and it might take a while. The first thing you should do if get a blood test and see where your homrones are, then go from there. Just relax bro.

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    what were your results? was it mdrol by competetive edge labs?

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