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    hey just got my Novla and letro today. Why does it say on the bottle.. Not for Human Use.?

    Also First time running leto durring a cylce.. My acne is getting bad and my Nipples are killing. Im on my 5th week of Test C 250. Wil be going for another 5 weeks and then 5 more weeks of Test Prop. When should i start using the letro.?? its 25mg/ML. Its a 30ml vial. ? How much should i run per day>?

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    If your nipples are getting bad, I'd be inclined to use a fairly high(ish) dose until it subsides along with a maintainence dose thereafter. 1-1.5mg/ED until sides subside and 0.25-0.5mg/ED for the rest of the cycle IMHO.

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    they are research chems not for human use is for legal reasons

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