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    3 weeks into PCT and mood problems

    its been 3 weeks I am following a proviron /hcg /nolva/clomid pct as follows
    proviron 50mg ed, clomid 200mg ed, nolva 60mg ed and hcg 5000 iu every 6 days my cycle was 16 weeks of test enanthate at 750mg ew, now my power is still the same at the gym espacially in the key exercices like bensh, squat and deadlift ,and mass is ok i only lost the bloat, but the problem is in my mood i am getting too emotional its like i always feel little depressed or sad, i am not aproaching women like before/during cycle , when i see a pretty girl on the street i used to follow her and talk to her now i feel indifferent ... and i think clomid is the cause! I dont know what do thats why i felt like venting here!

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    yeah bro drop the clomid to 100 for another week then cut it out completely and finish with 20mg nolva for another 3 weeks or so, that's my opinion

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