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Thread: HCG Question

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    HCG Question

    I reconstituted some HCG and am needing to make another 10ml of it, can I use the same vial to reconstitute again or should I use a new vial?

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    Better to use new vial.

    You have probably worn out the rubber anyway.

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    You know what the best thing i used to do with the vial is (in case you are short of vial).
    I used to put one needle in the vial and leave it there only. I attach the syringe to it withdraw and leave the needle in the vial rubber. then every time i need a shot i fix the syringe and withdraw the stuff. if i have to take 10 shots then i change the needle after 5 shots.
    And yeah i use to cover the needle a$$ with a oversize cover.

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