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    gyno advice still not cured

    I finished a course of tren a about may 2008 and caught gyno i was advised to get some brom so i went to a doc and got a 7 day course and then a 1 month course at 2.5 mg a day i then had blood done it was also checked for prolactin which i was told was all normal

    The pains stopped then two months later the pain came back so i went back to my doc and was referfed to the hospital and put me on brom 2.5mg each day

    ive seen a consulant and have a few different blood tests and scans all they keep saying so there is no reason i should still be in pain {blood still normal}

    is there anything any 1 can surguest


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    What does it feel/look like around the nipple? The gyno may still be there. Can you feel any tissue or gland under and around the nipple?

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