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    Aromasin, Nolva, Zoloft, Wellbutrin interactions

    Hey guys, I recently went on Wellbutrin and Zoloft and my cycle is ending soon. I have nolva and aromasin lined up for PCT. Do you think there will be any interaction between these? My cycle was test e 500mg/wk 12wks, incase you're wondering.


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    Why are you taking Zoloft and Wellbutrin...? If I had to take my guess I would say there's zero chance of you getting an erection or having a sex drive at all being on these meds and coming off gear where you have no testosterone in your body. I used to take lexapro way before i did gear and I had libido/ed problems with it. Could just be me though.

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    ya, any of them you'll have libido issues.

    lexapro didn't kill my libido but i can't get off now. You might need to add caber to it to help out. I've only been on caber for a week and it seemed to help. Maybe another week of it and i'll finally have an orgasm again! lol

    oh ya, original question: i have never personally heard of an interaction with them. Those pct are pretty short acting drugs so if you do have sides you can just remove them asap. I wouldn't worry though.

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    I'm on Zoloft and ran test e only with (PCT) nolva/A-dex and had no issues. Although I take take my zoloft on schedule all the time

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    I took test e. and i was on Wellbutrin with adderall (DOC prescribed) and my sex drive was as freaky as normal and my mood was still good plus i was strong as ever. 21 is my age. i didnt have a problem

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