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    Clomid Depression

    Dear All,

    I am now on my 7th day of Clomid after coming off of a 3 month Test and Eq cycle and I must confess that I am overwhelmingly depressed. My balls are bigger. But I have been contemplating my mortality and feel that I have shortened my lifespan by using steroids . I break down crying at night for various reasons. I get choked up talking on the phone to my family. I feel a feeling of unhappiness looming over my head and clouding my thoughts as much as I try I can not seem to escape it. I'm not sure if it's the Clomid or the low hormone levels. I suspect it's the Clomid.

    Will this feeling pass?

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    Hey boss.. What have you been doing so far tonight? In any case, such feelings should subside eventually! Do you like watching comedy or having your mind engaged in a really good read? Let me know, I'll PM you some suggestions.


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