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    PCT with dostinex?

    I have been on a 16 + week cycle of tren , winny and HGH and have developed slight (one tiny lump) progesterone gyno which I have some dostinex on the way for.

    I am at the end of my cycle and was about to start PCT with HCG , nolva, and aromasin .

    The question is will the dostinex interfere with anything else in my PCT? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sounds like a horrible cycle.

    Please do, ALOT of research before your next cycle.

    Caber is fine to take even throughout your PCT.

    What is your planned pct?

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    The cycle was very successful at what I was trying to accomplish but I think a little hard on my body. PCT will be:

    Nolv 20mg ED 6 weeks
    HCG 500iu ED 3 weeks
    Aromasin 20mg ED 4 weeks
    Vitamin E 1000iu ED 3 weeks

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