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    PCT and erection problems...

    hey everyone i had some questions that hopefully someone could answer for me....i just got off a cycle
    test prop-12 wks
    eq 10-weeks
    anavar 4 weeks at end
    hcg starting on week 3 till end

    im on day 10 of pct...clomid and nolvadex
    300/100/50 and 20 ed (trying not to block out all estrogen)

    ive had weak erections like a mofo...completely sucks...i never remember any of my last cycles being this way after i got off...
    i have zero desire and erections that get hard then flaccid...
    on cycle..i was a machine!!

    ive been takin viagra before sex alot lately and i feel like im gonna become dependent on it...ive been takin it on and off for a while now...

    what do you guys recommend? any better suggestions to get everything back in great order?
    hcg help? or slow recovery down more?

    ive looked around and saw people rave about taking these products to improve libido...
    Bio Gorge by Biotivia
    Alpha Drive XL
    Z Force

    whats best for super charging libido?

    any other stuff you guys have in mind?

    thank you guys ....this sucks!

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    my recommendation is to give it more time. You're at day 10 barely a week. You're going to bounce back differently based on the compounds used.

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    Nolvadex can cause ED.

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    yeha give it more time..

    Bioforge is good though.. lot of blood tests out there that show it works.

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    Bro, that is a shytload of pct chems/day. More is not necessarily better with this stuff. And quite honestly at those doses it could be toxic and dangerous. None of the vets on here recommend much more than 100 mg of clomid for the first week.

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    im 4 weeks into pct and i still am not even horny and hardly get erections

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    maybe ill cut the nolvadex
    i do the 300 first day,100 10 days after,then 50 10 days for clomid..thats normal..
    maybe ill try bioforge too?

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