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    newb here. help on sex drive question

    So i'm a newb and my "experienced" friend told me to just listen to him, which i did and probably regret it. He made me take a starting cycle of test cypinate 200, 1 cc every 4 to 5 days. After that cycle he said no need to take anything for PCT because i'll be alright on the very first cycle. Well now he has hooked me up with sus 250 stacked with more test cyp. I just started taking it.

    My problem - sex drive was great, but now... really has diminished.

    question 1 - anything i can take now to help it out? and let me know if its over the counter or whatnot.

    question 2 - i'm 5'11, about 150 lbs.. just trying to blow up. What do you think about me stackin sus with test cyp?

    i appreciate any feed back

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    You need to kill your so called friend and stop using aas. Get yourself some nolva and clomid, it can be purchased from the arr banner above.. This will form your pct and its important that its taken correctly....

    There are many educational threads on this board that explain all this but imo you need to start in the diet forum...
    Do not ask me for a source check.

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    Hey. i appreciate that answer. alot.

    one more question... being that i'm trying to fix the sex drive issue... should i take nolva and clomid NOW or after the cycle? i've done a lil research and i see a few that started both during..

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