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    Arimidex and propecia

    My question here is really about hair loss so I am hoping someone can help me out with this who KNOWS about propecia as well.

    So I have started to go a little thin on top and started on propecia..The thing about propecia is that it increases your estrogen levels and can cause gyno just like with steroids ...

    For anyone who doesn't know what propecia does....It blocks testosterone from converting into DHT..(DHT is the main cause for male pattern baldness)..But testosterone either goes down the path of DHT or to the path of estrogen..Thus, since propecia blocks this conversion and blocks most test from converting to DHT, its gets converted into estrogen which causes the rise in estrogen levels....

    KNOW FOR THE MAIN QUESTION.....................................I know if a take arimidex I can stop these estrogen effects, but if I do this won't this just create the path to push the test down the DHT road thus increasing my DHT levels even higher and then elimante the positive effects of propecia???? Or will the test still go down the path of the estrogen but it will just block the estrogen effects and allowing propecia to work??????

    Would really appreciate some knowledgeable advice from someone who has experience with this. Thanks

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