Hey Guys,

I am currently looking into doing a cycle to primarily a) reduce pubertal gyno (or puffy nips) and b) as an expected bonus of the cycle have mass/strength gains. After a fair bit of research the conclusion i have come to is that if anything is going to work it will be an AI cycle (in this case Letro) followed by a SERM pct (in this case Nolva/Torem). Because i am spending the money on liver support, AIs, SERMs, etc. i figure i mizwell make the most of it and run a PH in the cycle also (In this case Epi) to get some strength/mass gains and boost the test for general bf loss (basically i am trying to hit it from all angles at once.

My current stats are:
Height: 6'3
Weight: 90kg/198pounds
%bf: 11%

I have attached some photos also:
Looking for Cycle Advice for reducing Pubertal Gyno-3-march-front.jpgLooking for Cycle Advice for reducing Pubertal Gyno-3-march-side.jpg

My current diet is:
Meal 1: Oats/lowfat milk/protein shake
Meal 2: brown rice/tuna/bag of baby spinach (baby spinach is my most expensive however most important "supplement" i take for overall energy levels and digestive health)
Meal 3: eggs/brown rice
Post workout: Evolve's Anabolic Injection shake
Meal 4: boiled chicken/brown rice OR rump steak/sweet potato (on workout days)
Meal 5: boiled chicken
Meal 6: protein shake

Current supplements:
Fish oil
L-Carnitine (cycle on and off monthly)
Astaxanthin (antiox)
Glucosamine (have minor joint problems which this covers)

It is possible that through continuation of this diet if i reduce down to 8-9% bf the problem will solve itself. However, I initially lost the weight when i was 18 (i started at 300 pounds) and am now 26 and am still struggling. So, I have reached a point where i believe the problem i currently have now was caused by hormone inbalances and therefore will probably require hormonal "tinkering" to be solved (correct me if im wrong).

So here is the cycle i have worked out: (it is based off a 1 week intro, 4 week main cycle, 4 week PCT with the height of the therapy being in week 4 and 5)

Letrozole: Wk1: .25-1mg, Wk2-5: 1mg/1/2/2 Wk6: 2-0mg (tapering into PCT)
Nolva: Wks 6-9: 40/40/20/10 (I still cant decide whether to run Nolva or Torem.. i have done a ...load of research on both and seems like both can be good and both bad.. so i am seriously considering getting both and if i have a bad reaction to one take the other instead)
*** Epistane: Wk2-5: 40mg ED (i know i this supposedly has its own gyno reducing properties blah blah but how much i believe this im not sure.. I have chosen this however as my PH because its HIGHLY unlikely to produce gyno or related symptoms which are the exact things im trying to remove)
UDCA: Wk 2-9: 250mg ED OR NGuard: Wk2-9: 7caps ED (Im not sure which is the better way to go here for liver support)
Krill Oil: Wk 1-9: 1000mg ED

Usual Diet
Usual Workout

Any advice would be great.

Cheers Guys.