I'm currently dealing with a situation with my thyroid and cortisol, although, my thyroid hormones are all normal, but my tpo-antibodies are slightly high; fluctuating from 150-250. After 6 months i final got cortisol test that showed at 1 pm i was slightly low; at a level 5. I understand that cortisol and thyroid work together and if one is off, it could throw the other off.

Ive been working with my military doctor to find out the cause of these abnormalities, and zero in on the symptoms i am having; inability to do strenuous exercise, panic attack like symptoms like difficulty breathing and irregular heartbeat, pupils can hold a contraction when i exert myself, ect. At first I was told it was an auto-immune response that hasn't caused a defect in my thyroid hormone levels, then I was told 20% of people have tpo-antibodies and its just anxiety. Prior to these symptoms, I was in excellent shape, ran 5 days a week alternating between sprints and 3 mile runs at a 6 min mile. 1.5 miles swims. 100 pullups 500 pushups, 600 situps, + wieghts in the afternoon + kickboxing training. Prior to this i did, I did a 3 week cycle of a superdrol clone and the symptoms I was having started at the end of my PCT. One of the first thing I noticed, right off the bat, was I had bags under my eyes, pale tongue even though drinking 2 gallons, and my neck seamed to always be pumped especially around the Addams apple.

Now I have been accused, countless time of overtraining but my ego never let me calm down and take a break. When I went into the doctors they were looking at me from the standpoint of "does this man have a disease?" not "could this guy that is in better then average shape caused some kind of hormonal imbalance from the overtraining, lack of rest, and improper use of hormones?". To make a long story short Ive been dealing with this for the past 6 months, and although I'm not freaking out anytime i get my heart-rate up, I am still unable to workout past around 160 beats per min. I know people with diseases like addisons and hashimotos and their numbers are extremely high, and they are pretty ****ed up. Now I am no doctor, but I believe that I burnt my adrenals out from too much training, mixed with too much jack3d to get over my fatigue, ass well as the hormones I was using. I'm thinking that my adrenal insufficiency i causing my thyroid to produce antibodies to inflame my thyroid, which in turn will cause it to produce more thyroid hormones. I've read reports stating that if your not producing enough cortisol that your body cannot use the t-3. So even though my blood work is showing normal, my body is unable to use it causing the auto-immune response.

If you guys have made any lead-way on your condition please let me know because it may be linked to what I have going on. The problem with doctors is that they look at a statistical norm of people and base what is normal for the average couch potato, on you, an athlete who pushes their body to abnormal limits. My doctors are no different and they refuse to believe that a healthy man can damage his adrenals so they refuse to treat me or even give me advice as to a protocol to recover. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any advice on what i need to do to get my body back to normal, such as: detox, nutrition, supplements, ect, please let me know it will be greatly appreciated. Its important for those of use who compete at a high level, and decide to use steroids and hormones, to talk about problem that arise while on cycle. Too often I read about these idiots that don't know shit about the way the body works, giving advice and acting as though you can apply "one-size-fits-all" approach to internal medicine. The truth is are bodies are different and just because one guy is not affected doesn't mean the same is true for another. Thanks for your help ladies and gentlemen.