today is week two into my pct after a 10 week test var cycle.

For pct ive done Week 1 - 40mg of Nolva and 50mg clomid.
Week 2 - 20mg nolva 50mg cloming
Week 3 - 20mg nolva and 25mg cloming until the end.

Anyways this last week i added aromasin into my pct and my strength returned to gear lvls and actually hit a PR in the gym today.

My reason for adding the AI was because after a prohormone cycle last year I did standard Nolva 20mg for 4 weeks then had blood taken like right after.

My test lvls were greater then 1500 and free test off the charts. The doctor thought i was on gear. In my head i wondered why on earth do i not feel like I have these super high lvls of test in me. They didnt check my estrogen but my feeling was it was very very high counteracting the super high test lvls.

Anyways im going to continue to run is during the rest of my pct and mb a week after at 12.5mg EOD.