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    A little PCT clarification please.....

    I'm planning on beginning my first cycle ever soon. I plan on trying test, although i'm not sure what kind just yet. Going do a 12 week at 400mg/wk. From my reading, I've gathered that just running a cycle of just test is a good idea to see how your body will react to it.(no stacking or research supplements) I'm getting a little overwhelmed in the PCT department though. I've read it's important to keep Clomid on hand just in case of gyno. Is this correct? I guess what I'm asking is if I use the sponsored research chemicals, what do I need to have on hand, and what is vital to the PCT on the most basic scale. Sorry for the noob question, just looking for a little guidance.
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    Read the sticky threads alot of useful info it all depends on how your body reacts but on hand i would have an AI and Nolva hope that helps best of luck.

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