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Thread: PCT plan

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    PCT plan

    age: 24
    height: 5'10"
    weight: 188
    bf: 12%

    I am currently on week 6 out of 12 of test E. I am taking 500mg / week. My PCT plan is the following.

    Week 1-12: 500 mg test E/week
    week 13-14: nothing
    week 15-16: 70 mg clomid ED and 20 mg tamox ED
    week 17-18: 35 mg clomid ED and 20 mg tamox ED

    I did have one quick question about the tamox. Many people only suggest taking tamox if you recieve any sides from the cycle. Is it necessary to take it after if I have no sides or can I just kick the tamox and just take the clomid if I have no sides?

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    I would use both clomid and nolva, definitely nolva. They work well together for pct. And the doses look good. Maybe for the first week do 40 mg of nolva.

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