I have a pre-exsisting case of gyno. I've always been very prone to it. I was planning to begin a cycle in like 2 weeks but was feeling some tenderness in the right pec (this lump has always been bigger then the leftside). I had some Nolva on had so I began taking 20mg ED prior to the cycle.

Did some research on the forum and found out about Letro. Ordered some liquid stuff and began dosing the way C-Bino recommended in his post. It's been about 2 weeks that I've been taking it and I can't say the slight pain in the pec has completely gone? I was beginning to think my Letro was fake so I began taking the Nolva again along with the 2.5mg of Letro.

After further research I've seen a lot of guys talking bad about Letro saying it has bad side effects, it's very strong, and it should only be used for last resort. I've used Nolva & Arimidex during cycle when I've felt gyno coming on and it worked just fine.

Wondering what I should do??? Stay on the Letro at 2.5mg ED until I begin cycle then drop to about .50mg or .25mg ED and hope gyno doesn't flare-up or what??? Also I've been mixing my Letro with juice would this be taking away from it's effectivness???