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    How to properly administer HCG?

    I will be running

    250mg Test-E
    500mg EQ

    I have the Dosage for the HCG from Swifto's Q/A thread, but im not sure how it should be administered. Do I add it into the same injection as the test/EQ or do i administer it separately with a smaller (insulin ) pin?

    I tried the search but I came up empty. I'd settle for a link to a thread where it's already been covered if someone can point me there.


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    you can do it either way.. it does not matter.. i prefer doing it separably with an insulin needle since it is easier to measure when it is not mixed with the oil.. plus you get a "lava lamp" effect mixing the oils and water in the syringe.. also.. hcg can be shot intramuscular or into fat.. so i just stick it in my stomach and shoot.. be sure to place in the fridge after mixing.

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