I never really post on any forums but consistently read through for good info. I've recently had my hormone levels checked and my doc came back with 299 total and 68 free test. It was a military Doc and he told me I was good to go. I asked to be refered to a specialist, who I will meet with Monday to discuss possible options. My issues are as follows: First off I am in the military and deployments are consistent and unpredictable. Meaning having to inject weekly or rub gel on myself daily could be difficult. I want to do whats best for my health but am wondering if I caused the issue. I have done two cycles with about 8 months between the two and the last one ending in November 2010. They were both test enth and deca . Played with the doses a little but about 750 test and 600 deca weekly. Pct was HCG and nolva. The first I recovered great and continued to gain strength. The second was terrible....lost a little strength, lost a lot of libido, and gain some unneccasary weight. I never had blood work done before so I don't know where My start point was but I am wondering If I continue to wait it out if maybe my levels will creep back up. By the way Im about 215 at 5'9'' and around 14% BF. Also wondering if there are any military guys on here that are on TRT and deploy regularly. I posted this over in TRT and it was suggested that I post it here.