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Thread: Please help!

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    Please help!

    Tren only cycle sept to nov....pct after ending jan 1st

    Total test 791 rangle 250 to 1100
    Free Test 80 range 15 to 55
    FSH 9.1 range 1. 6 to 8.0
    LH 9.7 rannge 1.6 to 9.6

    SHHBG 51 range 8 to 49
    estradiol 55 12 to 55
    prloactin 2.1 range 2.1 to 18.0

    Total Test 601 range 250-1100
    Free test 63 range 15 to 155

    FSH 8.0 1.6 to 8.0
    LH 9.9 1.6 to 9.6

    SHBG 57 8 to 49
    ESTRADIOL 61 12 to 55
    porlactin 7.9 2.0 to 18.0

    how did my blooodwork get worse..

    not takin anything....

    libido and Ed still a major isssue

    besides a pititaury tumor...any advice on what may be happening.,.,best way to treat this....or hypothesis of whats goin on...

    have a MRI scheduled for next week

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    We are not doctors, you need to stop panicking and see an endocrinologist - that's what you need. No clue why you have an MRI scheduled. Your bloodwork hasn't "gone down". Hormone levels fluctuate, all the time, specifically testosterone levels more so than others. Maybe this will be a wake up call that before jumping into anything, especially something as serious as steroids , you need to do a little research first. If you still have ED problems and the endo can't do anything for you, then you're going to be stuck like that for the rest of your life and need a viagra every time you wanna get up.

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