I've spent a lot of time reading in this forum about AI's and PCT's, but still can't find the answer I'm looking for.
I'm going to be starting a cycle of Dbol (40mg/day for 6 weeks) and Test E. (500mg/week for 10 weeks), and I'm trying to plan my AI regimen before I drop the $.

My stats:

31 y/o
low body fat
lifting since I was 18

I haven't done a test cycle before and am concerned about gyno. The other estrogen-related side effects don't bother me so much. In other words, I would prefer to use Arimidex only if I have gyno symptoms. So my question is, if gyno symptoms occur, should I then start taking A-dex at .5 per day? Would I continue to take the A-dex for the remainder of my cycle, or stop taking it when the gyno sides have subsided?

Also, does A-dex reverse symptoms like letro does, or does it simply prevent it from developing further. For this particular purpose, would anyone recommend a different AI, or is A-dex sufficient?