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    Gyno questions/concerns

    I'm looking to get in touch with somebody who has personal experience or vast knowledge in this dept. Here is what is going on. About two weeks ago I noticed my nipples hurt if I pressed on them with a decent amount of pressure. my nipples have always been a bit puffy until they got cold and they would get hard... I finished a 15 day cycle of Beastdrol while at 30 mg and PCT'd with Revolution PCT Black and FinaFlex Pure Test which I ran for 30 days. It has now been about two months. I also took .50 ml of Anastrozol during my beastdrol 15 day cycle. I'm kind of freaking out here thinking I may have what could be the start of gyno. I recently read something to pinch under you nipples and if you have tender and a small ball then your in trouble. Well I feel like I have a small ball and that ball hurts when I squeeze it. But doesnt everyone have a small bit of tissue under there?

    What should I do in this situation? I was planning on starting another Beast Cycle soon. The beasdrol website, mr.supps clearly states it doesnt convert into estrogen and will not cause gyno. I've also read that taking beastdrol that it will potentially shut down the gyno. So should I start the cycle? That seems to be bad common sense... Should I start Letrozol? and If I do that It will smash my estrogen levels and I'll need them to come back to normal levels. Would I take Nolva to do so? Or should I cut the crap a see a doctor? Would greatly appreciate any advice I could get here as i'm sure any of you who have gone through this its quite scary... Thanks again!

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    im in the process trying to get rid of mine too man. People on these don't help out with gyno question idk why. I would start off with the letro and see if it helps. If u do decide to do letro def go with nolva to prevent rebound.

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